She Thinks She’s Very Clever


Meet Anna. Her full name is Anna Banana, and she’s an eleven-year-old Double-Yellow-Headed Amazon Parrot. No, she doesn’t have two heads. The “double-yellow-headed” part refers to the amount of yellow, not the number of heads. 🙂

Anna Clever

Although this definitely is not one of her best shots, it will have to do today. She actually doesn’t like having her picture taken, and she’s even worse when it comes to recording. I do have one hilarious 5 minute recording of her “singing” opera — no words, just la-la-la-la sounds. Surprisingly, she actually managed to end on the right pitch. But if she sees me with my “smart phone” she shuts up and usually starts climbing all over her cage.

Anna does think she’s quite clever. One evening she decided to hide when it was time to go back inside her cage. Oh, she thought she was so smart to perch on the bottom rung of one of the chairs at the dining table. She was well-concealed beneath the long tablecloth…or so she thought. She forgot about her tail feathers sticking out.

As you can see, her favorite treat in all the world is a ginger cookie. Not just any ginger cookie. She adores “Anna’s Ginger Cookies” made by the Biscotti Company. The company even gave her a complimentary cookie tin all her own.

Anna's Cookie Tin

So, Miss Anna is probably the only parrot who has a cookie tin with her name on it…hmmm…maybe she IS a bit clever, at that!

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