When I saw “I Want to Thank My Cats” as the title for today’s DAILY PROMPT, I was really excited. I have some great cat photos to share. But, then I read on, and saw that for photographers, the prompt was “VICTORY”. I knew at once what picture I’d share today…but golly gee, I wish it had been the cats!

Anyway, here’s “Boomer”.

MVP of the "Lady Tigers"

MVP of the “Lady Tigers”

She’s one of our daughters, and despite being only 5’4″ tall, she was a very good basketball player. She began playing when she was about 9 or thereabouts, played AAU ball for many years, played also in a city-sponsored league, went on to become MVP of her high-school team in her senior year, then attended college on a full-ride basketball scholarship.  (Hey, as her Mom, I’m allowed to brag.)  During her college career, she played in 3 national NAIA tournaments, twice as a player, and once as a player/coach. The first year, the team went to the “Sweet 16”, the following year they made the “Elite 8”, and in her last year, yes, they got to the “Final 4”.

Now, that was exciting!



Today, “Boomer” is a para-professional for an elementary school, working with special needs children. She doesn’t spend much time on the court now, but as a result of her years in sports, she’s demonstrated again and again what it means to be a true “team player”. We’re proud of her, both for her illustrious “career” in basketball and for the outstanding young woman she’s become.

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Preparing for Winter


Remember the little tale about the Ant and the Grasshopper? Well, this picture is neither an ant nor a grasshopper, but a bushy-tailed squirrel busily gathering berries for winter.

Busily preparing for the winter months to come

Busily preparing for the winter months to come

I got this shot outside the National Frontier Trails Museum in Independence.

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Dinosaur Day

I’ll admit to being a bit flustered by today’s DAILY PROMPT. We’re a busy family. We love to go places and do things, so how could I narrow it down to a single ACTIVITY and choose only one photo?

I’ve pulled up dozens of pictures with activities ranging from gathering around for storytelling to putting up birdhouses. We made scarecrows last fall, and crafted snakes from buttons to celebrate Chinese New Year earlier this year. How to choose? It was making me a bit crazy.

Finally, I settled on a picture I took at “Dinosaur Day”. This was an outing we made to a nature conservation area near Liberty, Missouri, for a special exhibit on dinosaurs. It was great fun because unlike many museum exhibits, this one encouraged a very “hands on” approach in many areas. Some things, of course, like the “dino poop” — yes, we really saw dinosaur poop — were not to be touched.  As though anyone would really want to touch dinosuar poop, right? And the huge snakes were safely in cages where they couldn’t be touched.

But there were many fun things for kids to pick up, investigate, play with and have a great time learning about.  I took dozens of photographs, put together a video presentation, and we cherish our memories of “Dinosaur Day”.

Here’s the picture I chose to share:

At the Activity Table at Martha Lafite Thompson Nature Sanctuary.

At the Activity Table at Martha Lafite Thompson Nature Sanctuary.


P.S. If POOP ever comes up as a DAILY PROMPT, I’m ready!

Martha Lafite Thompson Nature Sanctuary

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Time Keeps On Slipping…Into the Future

When the DAILY PROMPT flashed up in my inbox a moment ago, I eagerly opened it, then stared blankly at the words. Time? We’re supposed to show TIME? I looked at the clock, thought of photographing it, but then the words of a song came into my head:

“Time keeps on slipping, slipping…into the future. “

Fly Like an Eagle – Steve Miller Band

With those words, and thoughts of how quickly time passes, I turned at once to the family collage I made.Grotjan and Zungs Family Collage

I’m the little one in the picture on the right…the cute one. 🙂

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Happy Birthday Hands

Birthday Boy

Hands are good for so many things…like making messes



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